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Legend - Black Oversize Tee (Limited)

Legend - Black Oversize Tee (Limited)

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In the doom of instability, the perfection of your discipline starts to show. This t-shirt is made for those who went through the absolutely rigorous process of building themselves. Therefore, it is dedicated to all those who put in all their strength to build their bodies like greek gods!

The t-shirts are hand made while the prints will last around 50-100 washes without cracking. (follow the washing guidelines on our instagram page @gainzzie

All tees are gym-oversized cut, so that while still oversized the product is meant to fit to show your arms bigger but simultaneously comfy while you are working out. 

Height reference (our suggestion): 

 1.50m-1.70m = S

1.70m-1.85m= M/L (1.80+ tighter fit for M) 

1.85-1.95m= L/XL (XXL to be announced) 

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