About Us

Our Story

Gainzzie is a gym apparel brand headquartered and managed in Estonia…Wrong! Although, at first glance it seems to be true, there is a much deeper reason to why Gainzzie was founded in the first place.

At Gainzzie, we believe in more than just getting fit; We are a community that exists to unite every person who wishes to better themselves, forge meaningful friendships, connections and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves, without having the fear or need to follow trends and pretend to be somebody they are not! This community was built on understanding that everybody’s goals and passions are different. And even more - YOU!

The Gainzzie brand represents more than providing you with the best premium quality athletic leisure; it is about promoting success, conquering new horizons and empowerment. Through our carefully curated events, unique design launches, constant motivation from all our loyal members, we have put together the most supportive gym community in Estonia.

Each piece of clothing was carefully designed to not only match the preferences and feedback from our customer’s, but promote high quality and comfortable performance for everyday life, as well as working hard to push your limits.

Join the Gainzzie community and venture onto a life-changing fitness journey that goes beyond the limits of clothing and workout culture. The gym is where you go to make your goals and dreams a reality, but the gainzz come from how much work you put in. It’s time to reinvent what it means to be fit and become part of something greater. Welcome to Gainzzie!

Our Mission

Clothing definitely is a large part of our community, but we focus more on connecting people. If there is a person wearing Gainzzie - please! Don’t be afraid to go talk to them. Without the help of our talented and driven fitness influencers, receiving the highest quality and filtered information would have never been possible.

We value your time; which is why filtering all nuances in the market is one of our primary motivators. How you receive the highest quality information is up to you! Doesn’t matter if it’s through our social platforms or successfully organised live events - We want you to grow physically and mentally.

Our Core Values

  • Be yourself - In Gainzzie we do not discriminate or beat down, only uplift and motivate!
  • Be empowering - You can overcome anything! We believe that you can take control and overcome any obstacle along the way. The Gainzzie community is built on empowering others and celebrating every milestone along the way!
  • Improvement - The emphasis used to be towards strength, now it is aesthetics. But we believe in performance. Have you become better since last year, last month or last week? We value the pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning.