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Onboarding Guide for Social Media Collaborators

Welcome to our Social Media Team! We're thrilled to have you on board and look forward to seeing your creativity and engagement drive success. To ensure a smooth collaboration and maximize our mutual benefits, we have outlined our expectations and procedures below. As of April 5th, 2024, it is mandatory for every new team member to sign a contract agreeing to these terms.

Instagram Requirements:

  • Frequency of Posts: To maintain a consistent presence on Instagram, we expect:
    • At least one story per week.
    • A minimum of two posts per month.
    • Two reels per month, fostering engagement and showcasing creativity.

TikTok Requirements:

  • Posting Schedule: Your TikTok content should be engaging and frequent, involving:
    • Three TikToks per week, ensuring regular activity.
    • One TikTok focused on current trends to stay relevant.
    • One TikTok highlighting niche aspects of your persona or brand, providing depth to your content.
    • One TikTok offering an active explanation of content, enriching the viewer's experience and understanding.

Team Membership Criteria:

To join our vibrant team, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Instagram Followers: At least 5K followers.
  • Account Status: An active and open Instagram account, subject to evaluation by our marketing team.
  • Communication: Maintain constant contact with our team before posting content.
  • Content Quality: Adhere strictly to our quality requirements and posting guidelines.

Personal Discount Code:

  • As a part of our team, you'll receive a personal discount code. Please note that this code comes with a 30-day probation period; if the code does not achieve expected performance, it may be canceled.

For Media Influencers and Special Offers:

Influencers with accounts boasting at least 50K followers, known for high-reaching content, are invited to discuss special collaborations. We offer a payment plan and other benefits tailored to your influence and reach. Please prepare your portfolio and contact us at for more details.

By signing our contract, you commit to these terms, ensuring our partnership is fruitful and aligned with our brand values. We're excited to embark on this journey with you, creating memorable content that resonates with our audience and supports our collective growth. Welcome aboard!

Please note that we only support sponsorships for professional podium athletes.