- Due to hugh demand from 24.11.2023 orders within Tallinn will be delivered within 48 hours. You can keep a track of your order by sending us an e-mail or by calling us and asking with your designated order confirmation number. We do not accept address changes after the purchase has been done unless contacted by the customer. All orders within Tallinn are done by Gainzzie OÜ and our team. To be able to receive the product you have to provide the order confirmation number for our team to be able to give you the order. From 25.05.2023-31.12.2023 orders within Tallinn are free of charge. 


- For orders over 50 Euros the shipment is free within other parts of Estonia. Orders within other parts of Estonia will be shipped in by parcel and you can keep a track of your order through the order tracking number that will be provided to your designated e-mail address that you have entered in during check-out. You will receive your order in a parcel. If any issues occur you can track the shipping through the designated company system for any further notice or you can contact us if you face any hardship. 


- Currently we ship exclusively to Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. EU wide orders will be activated in 2024.