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Hamsa - Black Oversize Tee (Limited)

Hamsa - Black Oversize Tee (Limited)

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Spirituality and negative energy are real! When you have a perfect body, a lot of people will be jealous. Therefore, to keep the bad eye away, we created a lucky charm, the "Hamsa" to keep all the negativity away from your body, mind and life.

The t-shirts are hand made while the prints will last around 50-100 washes without cracking. (follow the washing guidelines on our instagram page @gainzzie

All tees are gym-oversized cut, so that while still oversized the product is meant to fit to show your arms bigger but simultaneously comfy while you are working out. 

Height reference (our suggestion): 

 1.50m-1.70m = S

1.70m-1.85m= M/L (1.80+ tighter fit for M) 

1.85-1.95m= L/XL (XXL to be announced) 

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